Leaf No.1 / Minimalist Ceramic Brooch


The main concept behind the LEAF COLLECTION has been an analysis of the connection between humans and nature, drawing together forms and geometric elements present in nature and relating them to human presence.
Using pure ceramic powder, polished brass and special pigments, as well as photography as concrete material, each piece is created meticulously by hand. The obtained image is printed on ceramic through a screen print. Each piece is unique. Thanks to the elegant and geometric design, this is a perfect gift for architects and biologists.
This modern ceramic brooch has been designed starting from a real leaf skeleton found in a forest near Berlin. The object fits perfect with minimalist outfits and everyday clothing as well during special occasions such as wedding parties, meetings and celebrations.

MATERIAL: Ceramic, Brass, Pigment, Pin
DIMENSION: 40x40x4mm
WEIGHT: only 12 gramms
Irregularities in shape and size are not a fault but a sign of the handmade production process.
Each piece is an unique work!

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